Our modern world: faster & consuming more and more energy

We all know this world is changing very fast and consuming a gigantic energy quantity, even so much it effects our climate. Besides we will run out of our traditional oil and gas reserves within 50 years if we do not develop real alternatives.
Our vision: stop complaining, start changing.
Everyone and we mean everyone can really do something about it. To start by reducing energy consumption, don't waste energy resources (see our energy tips page) and use more energy saving equipment. Finally make your energy consumption efficient and if you want to invest, invest in renewable energies: these investments are safe, bring you good profits and are helpfully for the speed of developing the efficiency of renewable energy sources.

We are convinced that energy costs will increase significantly in the next decennial so reducing your energy consumption and/or investing in renewable brings you not only a better environment, but is also a social gesture to all the people in this world and a real gain for your own wealth.